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Using the Task Scheduler

The Task Scheduler is a powerful tool for automating a variety of functions on your game server, this article will explain how to setup different functions

Task Scheduler Functions

Steam Updates
Mod Updates

This guide will cover how to set scheduled events to make managing your game server easier.

All scheduled task times are set in UTC unless you have requested your control panel time to be a certain time zone. Contact support to request this.

Example Scheduled Task

Log into your TCAdmin Control Panel

Select the game server you wish to make a scheduled task for in the Game Services area.

You may be directed to it automatically if you only have one server, otherwise you'll see a Game Services button on the left hand side of the control panel

Once on the main dashboard for the game server you want to set the task for, look for the tab indicated in the image below.

Click on the Scheduled Tasks tab, then click on New to create a new task.
You will see similar to the below image depending on the game server you have.

Select the task you want.

This guide will show you the Steam Update scheduled task. The process for others will be similar, but differ somewhat.

Once you have selected your task, click New just below the drop down menu.

With the Steam update scheduled task and Auto Mod Management setup. You can have complete automatic updates for your game server!

After clicking new, you'll see the options you can set for the task. Such as the time you wish for the task to start, and then the frequency it will repeat, so for every day at 1:10am, you'd set the time to 1:10am, then have the frequency set to daily.

You can set it to only update if it detects an update or to wait until everyone's left the server before updating! Continue reading....

To set it to only update when an update is detected or to wait until everyone left the server:

You must set this option to 'Force execution' ARK:Survival Evolved automatic mod updates in the workshop browser so you get notifications on the server.

Still in the scheduled task configuration, click the Advanced Options tab. You'll then see the settings here to configure the server to only restart if an update is available, to wait until nobody is on the server, or force the update anyway.

If you have any questions, please contact us for assistance.

Updated on: 31/08/2021

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