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How to update your TCAdmin game server

Updating your TCAdmin game server is very simple and easy. Just follow the steps below and your server will be updated within a few minutes!

This applies to most of our game servers supplied through the tcadmin panel, it does not apply to Kerbal Space Program, Space Engineers, Medieval Engineers or Minecraft.

Log in to our TcAdmin panel here.
Navigate to your game services and select your server.
Stop the server.
Click on `Game Server Update'
A box will pop up asking "Start the Steam update?", click ok.
(Make sure you have already stopped the server)
Please wait until the server updates.
Once the updater says "The process has been completed." you may close the window and start your server.

After an update the control panel will show the old version in the server name. This is normal and will update on the control panel when the server is fully online and has queries with the Steam servers. As long as the server update processed completed without errors you can start the server and check the server version in the Steam browser.

Updated on: 16/03/2020

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