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Creating a Sub-User or Sub-Account on TCAdmin

This article is aimed at assisting you in setting up a secondary account to maintain your server using the TCAdmin Control Panel.

Setting up your sub user account is done through the TCAdmin control panel. To create or maintain a sub-user, you click on the User Management on the left hand side of the screen menu.

From there, you can choose Sub Users or Create a Sub-User.

Creating a Sub-User begins in the User Information. You can choose the User Name and Password you wish for this Sub-User to have. They must be Active in order for the Sub-User account to work.

And you can suspend that account from this page using the User Management > Sub Users. This is a example account using a Sub-User creation.

When you create the Sub User or want to change their level of interaction with the server, you would need to grant or deny access to certain permissions. This is located under the Game/Voice Service Permissions when managing the Sub-User.

Always save the information to ensure the profile is saved with the information and permissions. You can set multiple sub-users with different levels of permissions.

Updated on: 31/08/2021

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