Obtain your save files

Depending on if you're transferring from another host, or uploading a save from your PC, you'll need to locate these files. This will vary per host and your computer.

For your own computer

Most of the time, on your own computer the save files are located here:
Just paste that into the the Windows File Explorer location area.

You'll see a folder with a long line of numbers, click into that, then into the SinglePlayer folder.

You'll then see one or more folders named, Slot1, Slot2, Slot3 etc

Select the save you want and, right click > Send to Compressed Folder.

You now have your save files ready to be uploaded to the game server.

From another host

You will need to ask your current host, or contact us and we'll transfer the files for you.

Uploading your save files

Login to the control panel

Select your The Forrest game server

Click the File Manager

You should now see a folder called savesMultiplayer, click into it.

If you don't see it, create the folder by clicking the New Folder button near the top.

Click the Upload button near the top, click Choose file and select your save folder, then click Upload

Take a note of the name of the Slot folder, for example Slot2 (it must be between 1 and 5, rename it if its not)

Go back out of the File Manager, and this time click the Configuration Files button.

Click the Configuration Editor button for the server.cfg file.

You'll see an option here for Save slot, in the drop down here, select the save slot you set before.

All done, you may now start the server.

If you have any issues, we're here, just contact us.
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