The easiest way to connect to your server is laid out below.

For games like ARK:Survival Evolved the 'QUERY INFO IP/PORT' will show the server in the Steam browser.

First make sure your server is Running in TCAdmin or your relevant SESM control panel that we sent to your email when first setting up your order if for Space Engineers.

If it is marked as Stopped it will not be discover-able as the server will not be online. if this is the case
click start.

Some servers may take a minute or two to fully start up and show as Online.

For some servers, including ARK: Survival Evolved, please ensure you use the 'Query information IP/Port' when searching for your server in the Steam browser. Using the connection port will give the message 'The server is not responding'. This is normal and helps your server appear publicly in the in-game list.

Take the relevant IP/Port which is displayed in TCAdmin or your SESM panel.
Open Steam. Using the top menu go to View and then select Servers
Click on the Favourites tab.

Click Add a Server" add the IP to your favourites.

Open the game and find your server in the server list, under the favourites section of the browser.
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