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How to Connect to the Server Using FTP (TCADMIN ONLY)

This guide will help you connect to your server with an FTP client

Please note, this applies when using the TcAdmin panel only!

In this guide you will need:

An FTP Client, such as Filezilla
FTP Connection info, which'll be covered in the guide

Download Filezilla from the link above, remember to grab the client, not the server!
Head to your servers TCAdmin panel
On the main page for the game server you want to connect to, look for FTP information such as below:

Now open up the Filezilla Client, you will be greeted with it like this:

In the following box:

Add the FTP IP into the Host: box.
Add the FTP PORT into the Port box.

The IP is the first half of your FTP details. E.g. if your ftp details are: your IP (or Host) is and your port is 1234

You will also need to enter your user and password, this is the same you use to login to the panel with. Then click quick connect to connect to your server via FTP.

Now you're logged in, if you're using FileZilla, you'll see a left side and a right side. The left side is your computer, the right side is the server.

You can navigate by double clicking the folders you see, to go back, you click the ... at the top.
To transfer files, you simply drag from one side to the other side. So left to right if you're uploading, right to left if you're downloading.

You'll see the upload/download progress in the box at the bottom.

Updated on: 02/02/2021

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