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Minecraft - How to install Pixelmon

Pixelmon or any mod pack will require you to install the version of Forge associated with the mod pack you are using and that version of Forge jar file. You can view our instructions for installing Forge here

Once you have Forge installed on your server. You will need to Add Pixelmon into the mod's folder through an FTP client. We recommend using Filezilla for installing FTP files to your server.

There is a server version and a client version. The server version is the one you want to use as it has additional fixes for servers.

Once you load up your FTP client, on the right side of Filezilla you will see the Remote Sites tab.

Mod Installs

Place the Pixelmon Jar file you downloaded from their website into the mods folder highlighted in Red from the image above. Do not extract this jar file or it will not work. This works the same for all mods installed by Forge. So you can use this install instruction to add any mods to Forge to run.

Once this has been completed your Pixelmon mod will show up in the game as long as you are running the same version of Forge as the Pixelmon version you downloaded.


My game is still running the default version of Minecraft. This usually means you did not add the Forge jar to your multicraft panel. Please make sure your Jar File box has the exact name of the Forge jar file you installed on your server with the extension .jar at the end. Also, check to make sure under your advance options "Look for Jar directory" is checked to the server-based directory.

Forge is working and loading but Pixelmon isn't. More than likely you do not have matching versions. Please Check The Wiki Here To make sure you match the correct versions of Forge and Pixelmon.

Pixelmon is working but none of my other mods are. This is more than likely your mod versions do not match the Forge/Pixelmon versions you are using or there is a conflict between the mods you have installed with Pixelmon. The only remedy for this is to match the mods versions to the Forge version you have installed. If that is not the case you will need to consult the Pixelmon website and see what mods have conflicts with Pixelmon.

I do not have a mod folder installed when I look through FTP. This means you did not install Forge properly and you will need to Follow these instructions here

Updated on: 11/12/2021

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