Log into your multicraft control panel, and stop your server.

Enter Files, and then ‘Configuration’.

Here you’ll want to edit the file ‘Whitelisted Players’.

You will need to put the following for each player :

"uuid": "<uuid>",
"name": "<username>"

You can find the UUID on the following link https://mcuuid.net/

Save your changes and start your server.

You can do the following from your server as admin.

/whitelist on - enable whitelisting and only whitelisted players may join.

/whitelist off - disable whitelisting, and all players may join.

Other relevant commands

/whitelist add username - adds the player to the whitelist

/whitelist remove username - removes the player from the whitelist

/whitelist list - shows a list of all whitelisted players.

/whitelist reload - reloads the whitelist.json/white-list.txt file.

You can also run the commands listed above from the multicraft console, make sure to remove the / when doing so.
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