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Minecraft - How to reduce lag and ram usage

Is your server running very high amounts of ram? Are you having lag issues? Minecraft loads "chunks" of the world around each player and the more players you have playing on your server, the more chunks of the world are loaded onto your server at once. This means not only more terrain is loaded into memory, but also particle effects, simulation speeds, and all monsters & animals.

Just like in your single-player game you have options available to make your server run smoother. Here is some steps you can take to reduce lag and ram usage.

First, you want to login into your multicraft control panel.

Step 1

Click Files, then click Config files

Step 2

Click Server Settings

Step 3

Scroll down until you see View Distance.

Once you find this option you can change this to something lower to reduce memory usage and lag. Depending on the number of players you have active on your server you can reduce this down as needed. The default is 10 chunks around the player but for active servers changing this down to 6 or 7 can usually free up memory and reduce lag.

This will affect your view distance in the game so try not to take this setting down too much or you will not see distant terrain.

Another option that is a good idea to change is here

Step 4

Matching this setting to the view distance will further reduce the memory usage of your server and help with lag.

Simulation Distance affects water interactions, explosions, growth in the world such as crops, and also mob density. So keep this in mind when you lower this setting.

I hope this article helps you reduce your lag and ram usage. If for some reason this does not help your server please reach out to our support staff so we can see if there might be some other options available to help with this issue. You can submit a ticket here.

Updated on: 14/12/2021

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