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Installing Forge For Your Server

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Installing Forge on your Minecraft server can be done by following the guide below. Forge is a Minecraft mod API for Minecraft: Java Edition that can be used client-side and server-side to provide unique and entirely new gameplay experiences for Minecraft. Installing Forge individually will allow you to pick and choose your own set of mods provided by Curseforge, make sure you are using the correct mods for the correct Forge version you choose.

Head to the following website to download Forge's installer. Click me!

Make sure to install the 1.17+ version of Forge from the official Forge website, as well as checking the versions of the mods you download.

Once the installer has finished, navigate to the folder you had selected. Make sure to open the eula.txt file and set this to true. Then run the .bat file, typically titled "run" and it'll run a Forge server on your local machine.

This is to ensure all the necessary files for Forge to run on your Serverblend server are there. You'll notice extra files, these are needed to be ran on a server. You can now transfer everything over via FTP.

Don't know how to transfer your newly generated server files using FTP? Follow this article here.

Head to your Multicraft panel and on the main page, press Show Advanced Settings it'll expand.

6.Scroll down to Look For Jars In , click on the drop down and set it to Server Base Directory then click save.

Now scroll up and look for the JAR File box. If you are using Fabric 1.17, use the JAVA16 option with your Forge JAR file renamed to custom.jar if not, select Default and in the box below it, enter the name of the JAR file.

Start the server - Let us know of any issues and we'll gladly assist!

Updated on: 10/11/2021

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