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Installing a Mod Pack on your Minecraft Server

Find the mod pack you want on the internet.

Download the server version of it and extra it to a folder on your PC

There should not be one or more .bat files that you need to run, for example, for Feed The Beast, there are:


You should run them in the above order, or similar order for other mod packs. The ServerStart.bat, or other start method, must always be run last.

After doing that and starting the server on your own computer, wait until its startup process has completed, it should show you in the console that the world has been generated.

If it says you need to accept the Minecraft EULA, please read and make sure you do agree to the Minecraft EULA, and then open the Eula.txt file (or similar name), and change the value to true to show you agree. After doing that you'll need to stop/start the server again.

Type Stop or in some cases quit into the console, and then press enter, this will stop the server

Once stopped, find the modpack jar, this is not the minecraft jar. It will be for example:

FTBserver-1.12.2- , in the case of Feed the Beast
Craftbukkit.jar , in the case of Craftbukkit

Change the name to custom.jar , make sure it doesnt turn out to be custom.jar.jar.

Login to the control panel for your Minecraft server and stop the server

Now connect to your server using FTP and delete everything and wait until complete

Upload everything in the folder on your computer to the server through FTP and wait until complete

Go back to the control panel and in your server settings, change:

The "JAR File" to custom.jar
(This will be the name of the jar file created in the folder)

"Look for Jars In" to the Server Base Directory

You can then start the server. You can look in the Console by clicking the Console button to make sure it starts up fully

Updated on: 06/03/2022

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