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Minecraft - How to add/remove and manage your Whitelist

This article is to show how to setup and manage your Minecraft server with whitelisting. Whitelisting is where only certain players can join your server.

It is important to note that you will need to be an operator (OP) to able to issue these commands. You can use this guide to set yourself as an operator: How to set OP user permissions

All players who are operators (OP) will bypass the whitelist. These players will not need to be added to the whitelist in order to join the server.

Enabling Whitelist

/whitelist on ----- This is the command to enable whitelisting. Once this has been enabled, only players that have been whitelisted can join.

Disabling Whitelist

/whitelist off ---- This is the command to disable the whitelisting. After disabling this, all players will be able to join the server.

You can perform these commands both in-game or through the server console by removing the / symbol. Example: whitelist on or whitelist off

Alternative Method

You can also enable or disable the option of whitelisting from within the file. This can be found in the server's control panel under Files > Config Files.
Files > Config Files

Change the property for the enforce-whitelist option from false to true.


**Adding and Removing Players**

These are the commands for adding and removing a player from the whitelist of your server. These commands can be used both in-game and through the server console. For the server console, remove the / before the command to use.

/whitelist add <username> ----- Adds the player to the whitelist

/whitelist remove <username> ----- Removes the player from the whitelist

With Minecraft 1.7.6 up toe the most recent versions, you can directly edit your whitelist.json to add and remove players (white-list.txt for Minecraft 1.7.5 or earlier). We do not recommend using this as it's easy to make a syntax error and this will lead to errors occurring for your whitelist or server.

#**Additional Commands for Managing**

/whitelist list ----- This command will display all the whitelisted players

/whitelist reload ----- The command will reload the whitelist.json or white-list.txt if you have made changes to add or remove players.

Updated on: 14/12/2021

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