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Luckperms - Basic Configuration

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This article will cover the installation, basic commands and using the web editor for a plugin known as LuckPerms.

What is LuckPerms?

LuckPerms is a plugin built on Spigot, Forge, Fabric as well as BungeeCord. This does not work on the vanilla version of the server jar. It is a plugin that handles permissions for other plugins. There are many other permission plugins like LuckPerms, such as Essentials Group Manager, but LuckPerms is designed for performance and ease of use, it has quickly become a staple favourite among Minecraft server owners who rely on multiple plugins and groups. For example, if you have administrative plugins, like Essentials, without LuckPerms, commands such as /ipban /kick and even /nickname are restricted purely to the OP role, but with LuckPerms installed, you can assign permissions to a group or player and they will also be able to use those commands.

Installing LuckPerms will be the same as any plugin, or mod as it supports both Fabric and Forge as well as Spigot or PaperMC.

Head to the official LuckPerms website here and select the version which matches. (Bukkit if you have Spigot/Paper etc.)

You will then need to access the server via FTP, we have a guide on using FTP for Multicraft here.
and then place the LuckPerms.jar within the plugins (Spigot/Bukkit) or mods (ForgeFabric). If this does not exist, right-click in FTP, create a new directory and name it.

Check the Console after starting the server in Multicraft. Plugin will show that the plugin is loaded if installed correctly.

Once the server has loaded, everything can be entered from the Console. Enter the command lp help to take a look at the commands. One specific command that will be used the most will be lp editor as this is LuckPerm's web-based editor to allow easy editing.

Enter the command lp editor and head to the link that is provided in the console. This editor will look overwhelming at first but it's easy to navigate and simplified. Most Permission plugins work with config files only and do not have a simplified editor!

Assigning Permissions

With LuckPerms installed and the web editor accessible, the next section will cover assigning a group a permission flag from a plugin. If you do not run any plugins and use PaperMC/Spigot for the benefits they provide, vanilla Minecraft commands can be assigned to groups also! For this segment, the plugin EssentialsX will be used.

Head to the page of the plugin that is being configured. For example, EssentialsX and look for the permissions. Not every plugin page will list them and will either have a wiki or dedicated page to it. EssentialsX uses a wiki, which is located here.

Look through the flags as it'll detail what each flag does when assigned. For example, will allow access to the /help command from EssentialsX. This will be the example flag used for the guide.

Back within the web editor, there will be + symbols to create a group. Name this to suit the type of flags that this group has. The default group can be used but be warned any admin command assigned to this group will be given to everyone that joins.

Click on the newly created group. At the bottom of the page, there will be an input box, accompanied by an + Add button.

Click Save and copy the link provided into the Multicraft console. It'll confirm what flags were added or blocked and that it was saved successfully.

Join the server and test by typing /help. If the permission was correctly assigned and Essentialsx installed, the command will work.

Please note that support for advanced configuration or issues faced with LuckPerms or any other plugin after installation is limited. These guides serve as a basic introduction to the plugin.

Updated on: 20/11/2021

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