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Creating SRV Record for Minecraft

This article explains how to create an SRV record for a Minecraft game server.

What this does is make it so you can connect to your Minecraft game server using a friendly name, rather than your IP and PORT.

Using an SRV record means you do not need a dedicated IP to be able to connect using a friendly name.

IP/Port Example:
SRV Record:

You can either setup an SRV record for your own domain following the below instructions, or we can setup a SRV record for you using our domain, please contact us if you would like this (clients only).

Lets get started

We will be using the CloudFlare DNS service as an example on how to set this up, you will need to have an account with them and your domains DNS set to cloudflares. if you use another DNS service the exact process will be different, but much of what is in it will be the same.

Login to your CloudFlare and click the DNS button.
You should now see a screen similar to the below image. From the drop down that should say A to start off with, on the left hand side of the screen, also highlighted in the image with a blue outline, change this to SRV from the drop down.

SRV Setup1

After setting this, the following box should appear, if it does not, click on the "Click to configure" text and it will open.
In here set the service name to _minecraft , the Protocol to TCP , and the Name to the connection name that you wish for people to join the minecraft game server with, such as for, you would just enter mc

SRV Setup2

Once done, click on save and you will then see another box, shown in the below image.
In this box set the settings as: Priority: 0, Weight: 5, Port: YOURMINECRAFTPORT, Target:
Then click Save

SRV Setup3

On the next screen click Add Record

SRV Setup4

Almost done! Last step is to set the A record. For this, set the drop down that you changed in step 2, to A.
In the first box, enter: server , in the second box enter: your Minecraft game servers IP. Change the Orange cloudflare cloud to the grey cloud by clicking it (as shown in the below image).
Then click "Add Record"

SRV Setup5

All done! Once domain propagation has completed, which is usually done within the hour when using Cloudflare DNS (24-48 hours with other DNS service) you will be able to connect to your Minecraft game server using the friendly name you setup in step 3.

If you have any questions or issues with the setup, please feel free to contact ServerBlend support and we will be happy to help.

Unfortunately SRV records do not work for other game servers such as ARK: Survival Evolved because the game needs to support SRV records, which ARK: Survival Evolved and many other games do not at this time.

Updated on: 18/01/2019

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