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(WIP) The ultimate ARK: Survival Evolved Troubleshooting

This article is currently a work in progress. We are working to ensure this article contains as many common queries to save you time.

List of covered areas.

Unable to query server for invite.
'Server not responding' in the Steam browser.
Server not showing up in-game.

Unable to query server for invite.

This means the game has received an update and your server needs updating. Run the 'Game server update' via the control panel to update your server. As long as this completes successfully the server is updated.

The control panel version does not change until the server is online. Our article on updating your server can be found here.

'Server not responding' in the Steam browser.

This happens for two main reasons.

The server is not fully online.
The Query IP/Port information has not been used. Usually the case if the connection information has been used.

Some games do not have a separate query IP/Port. In these cases use the connection info.

Server not showing up in-game

We have an article that explains this here: My server is not showing in the ARK: Survival Evolved server list

Updated on: 29/12/2020

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