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Cant Connect to ARK Server since Crystal Isles and Epic Games cross-play update

If you're having trouble connecting to your ARK server, please read this!

Since the update that brought us Crystal Isles official map and also the Epic games cross-play ability with Steam there is a bug in ARK: Survival Evolved that prevents some users from connecting or seeing servers and this includes servers in a cluster where some show and some do not.

There are many threads of people with the same issue, such as:

How to solve it?

The issue seems to effect only some users, theres no concrete fix but there are things we can try until Wildcard release a permanent fix.

For example, one client could not see or connect to their server in Dallas even though all their friends could, but were able to find and connect to it in LA, so we moved the server to LA.

You must contact us if you are having this issue so we can help find a server you can connect to and move your server there

You can contact us by going here:

Before contacting us

Please ensure your server is fully up-to-date when you are having the issue, you can update by clicking the server update button in your control panel

If you are trying to connect via the Epic Games version of ARK, your server must not have any mods installed, Epic Games do not support Steam workshop mods at this time

Updated on: 17/06/2020

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