In this article, we will review some of the common sources of lag and their solutions.

99% of the lag issues that our clients experience are due to either mods or server configurations and can be resolved easily.

Setting multipliers to extreme values such as harvesting rate can degrade performance. Try setting them back to default to see if this improves your performance.

Setting your auto-save period to a very low value (e.g. 1 minute) can negatively impact performance. Especially when not using SSD. It is recommend to leave it at 10 (10 minutes)

Increasing your dino count multiplier can reduce performance. Especially when set to extreme values. The server effectively needs to manage x times the number of dinos on the map. Test resetting it to default to see if this helps. You wil also need to run admincheat destroywilddinos on the server as an admin to remove the wild dinos currently there (dont worry they re-generate).

Running this command can often kick you from the server and deny further connections. This is normal and the server should be left to complete this. If yo restart the server it will fail. When the process completes you will be able to join as normal.

Sometimes a bug can happen that causes lots of dinos to be spawned. Run the admin command in-game admincheat destroywilddinos to remove them and see if this resolves the issue. If your world has an extreme case of this issue, running it in-game may not work. In this case you need to add -destroywilddinos to the end of your command line. This can be turned on by the command line configuration editor. Once selected turn the server on and it will come online and process the dino removal.

As advised above, whether you use the admin command or command line option to remove dinos, connections are usually denied whilst it processes the command. Once it completes you can join as normal.

Remember to remove the -destroywilddinos from the command line once complete or it will do this on every startup, which is not recommended.

- Several mods have been known to cause performance issues for ARK servers. If mods are on your server, we recommend temporarily removing them to see if the issue is resolved with no mods. After it has been found that a mod is the cause, you can go through the mods to find out which one it is causing it by adding them back slowly.
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