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My Ark Server Crashed

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Within this article, we'll be going over the numerous reasons that will be the cause for an ARK server to crash, in order to help you perform some troubleshooting, though this particular type of crash typically makes the server be in a form of "hanging" state - It's not a full crash!

A reminder that, Serverblend doesn't run any modified or altered server executable - We use the exact same as everyone else. Every update and file is always retrieved from Steam. Crashes of this nature (Hanging) are always engine or in-game related, crashes are not causes of the package we provide or the hardware. Regardless, please know that we will go out of our way to assist you in any way possible - So if you're stuck despite this article, please ticket in and let us know so that we can help you out!

The common indicator that your server has potentially crashed involves:
TCAdmin is throwing a Wait 5 Mins - Then Contact Support Error
Your server starts up briefly - CPU use and RAM use is shown but eventually stops back down to 0%.

This can be quite annoying to resolve, though there are some areas you should be looking into which'll help you figure out the culprit.

The common causes of the crash involves:
Faulty/Corrupted mods or save data.

An official ARK update causing issues; usually affects mods or even save data.

An ARKAPI plugin potentially being misconfigured or having genuine issues.

Though this can be quite the tiresome experience, we do suggest you do attempt some of the following steps to help find out the issue:
Checking the last updated date of each and every mod and removing ones prior to the update (If there is one - Back up your saves also!)

Removing mods out and putting them back in one at a time, seeing if the server stops when a certain mod is added.

Running a test map that's entirely fresh by changing your ALT save directory in your commandline and seeing if it boots. If so, try rolling back your save following this guide.

Temporarily disabling ARKAPI to see if the server loads up fully, if it does, check if all your plugins are correctly configured with a our in-built JSON checker or check your ARKAPI logs.

Deleting your SteamApps folder to run a verification check on all your server files and help re-download faulty mods. This option can be done via our More button on the panel or by deleting the folder within the File Manager and then running a Steam Update

We have an entire section also dedicated to providing help for troubleshooting your ARK: Survival Evolved server here. Be sure to check out any additional articles as they can provide more information on a lot of issues you may face.

Updated on: 01/11/2020

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