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Using Java16 with your Minecraft server

Using Java16 with your Minecraft server

As of Minecraft 1.17, it is a requirement to use Java16 otherwise the server will not startup due to incorrect java versions. Our list of jar files already includes the latest version for Minecraft 1.17 but if you wish to use a custom version like Forge or other related setup that needs Java16 as its for Minecraft 1.17 then you will need to set this up in a few clicks.

In the jar file dropdown, select the option Java16 Launch Options specifcally the Launch With Java16

This will pre-populate the box below it to say custom.jar

Selecting this option without a valid Jar file in your servers FTP will result in no action as the server has no custom.jar file to load.

Login to FTP, and re-name your launch jar to custom.jar

Lastly ensure in the advanced options area of the panel you select the location for the server to load the jar from. In this case, you will want to pick server base directory. Save once selected.

You have now setup Java16 for the version you are wishing to use.

Updated on: 21/06/2021

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