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Torch - Essentials.cfg EXAMPLE

This article provides an EXAMPLE configuration for Essentials.cfg. It is provided as is, and choosing to use it is at your own risk. If Torch updates this config could become faulty. We advise backups before using it in the event it provides functions you do not require.

For Torch and Essentials support you should join the Torch group on Discord.

For official guidance on Essentials please see the official wiki here:

Features of this setup.

Automated Cleanups.
Deletes grids owned by pirates, with no beacons, owned by nobody and floating objects. Deletes grids not named with the word 'grid' to ensure good sim speed and performance.
Automated commands to turn off resource intensive blocks periodically.
Automated Restarts every 4 hours.
Automated commands for advertising a discord/donate.
Will auto eject people before restart. Log out prior to prevent this.

This essentials does not use the Torch !restart command due to it not providing a restart function with our SESM panel.

To enable automated restarts you must enable our panel restart function using the cron below. You should turn auto start on as well. Guidance on setting panel crons is here How to configure auto restart for Space Engineers

0 0 0/4 * * ?

Essentials.CFG Example - Download

Stop the server, upload the file to your server using the file explorer. Overwrite on upload.

Updated on: 30/11/2021

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