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How to configure auto restart for Space Engineers

Thank you for choosing us as your Space:Engineers Game Server host!

This guide will help you turn on auto restart for your server.

Setting up an auto restart can help with server performance as servers that run consistently for a long time tend to slow down as there'd be a lot going on, especially with Space Engineers. This guide will teach you how to use a slightly modified version of the NIX Cron System.

Configuring the restart

Log in to your SESM Control Panel.
Select Server Settings

Go to Jobs and then select Auto Restart and Auto Start (blue)

Auto start will start the server if it is detected offline at 00,15,30,45 minutes past the hour.
Auto Re-start will restart the server based on the cron set.

You will notice the Auto Restart Cron box. You will need to create a cron code, instructions will be below:

Creating a cron code

Creating a cron code looks confusing, but it's pretty simple once figured out. To create one:
Decide the interval you want the server to restart at. For example every 24 hours, or 3pm every Wednesday.
Open up this handy guide to assist you.

We understand that this can be quite complicated so down below we'll have some of the most common cron codes for you to use and customise. For example you could change 'FRI' to 'WED' if you wanted the Wednesday instead of the Friday.
Every 6 hours: 0 0 0/6 * * ?
Every 12 hours: 0 0 0/12 * * ?
Every day at 1am: 0 0 1 * * ?
Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 3am: 0 0 3 ? * WED,FRI,SUN
Every friday at 8pm: 0 0 20 ? * FRI
Every Sunday at 1:30am: 0 30 1 ? * SUN

Note: When you have a cron that would have a * at the end, please replace this with a ?. Please note that the crons go off the individual server time. In most cases this is UTC timezone regardless of the physical location.

Updated on: 10/10/2019

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