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How to add new settings if not available in SESM

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This guide will help you add new settings if SESM doesn't support it.

When a new update introduces new settings for Space Engineers, it might not be integrated into SESM when you are ready to use it. If you're wanting to use it without having to wait, this is how.

Take any relevant backups in the event it causes issues with your save files whilst editing settings in.

Log in to your SESM panel.
Navigate to File Explorer and open it.
Find SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg and right click to edit it.
Add your relevant setting to the file between the code lines <Sessionsettings></sessionsettings>

Save once you're done adding your settings.
Restart your server and the settings should be changed/added.

You may have to add them manually to your Sandbox.sbc and Sandbox_config.sbc files in your save to.

Updated on: 07/08/2020

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