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How to set steam group only access

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This guide will help you set-up steam group only access for your server

You may want a steam group as away to easily form a community or manage your players access to the server.

Setting a server to steam only means that players who haven't joined your steam group will not be able to join or see the server.

Creating A Steam Group

Open Steam, go to your profile tab and then go to groups. You'll find the create group at the bottom left.

Fill in all the information as you'd like it. Then head to your group page and copy the url via Copy Page Url by right-clicking the page.
Then add the following /memberslistxml/?xml=1 onto the end of the url.

Here you will find the GroupID64 which'll be needed later.

Placing the GroupID64

Now head to your SESM control panel, then Server Configuration, Access

On the bottom right you'll find Steam Group ID this is where you'll place your GroupID64
Save and restart/start the server for the change to take effect.

Updated on: 24/05/2019

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