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SPACE ENGINEERS how to add an in-game admin

Thank you for choosing us as your Space:Engineers Game Server host!

This guide will help you add someone as an admin to your server

Finding the admin setting

Login to your SESM Control Panel
Click on Game Configuration and then Access

You should then see the administrators box, this box requires a STEAM64ID.

Acquiring a STEAM64 ID

To acquire you or another persons steam ID, you would need a steam URL. To get your steam URL, head to your steam profile, right click anywhere on your profile and Copy Page URL

Head over here to get your STEAM64ID
Copy and paste the page url you just copied here:

Click on the arrow next to it to then retrieve your STEAM64ID, as shown:

Go back to your administrators box in the Access tab of Game Configuration and copy paste the STEAM64ID.
Save and start your server.

For more than one ID, put one per line. To confirm that you are admin, open the player list in-game and see if you have "*****" next to your name.

Updated on: 15/11/2020

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