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How to enable Torch for Space Engineers

To enable Torch for your Space Engineers game server, please follow the below instructions:

Using Torch provides improved and better management and server tools for running your game server, which can aid in performance and overall experience.

Login to your Space Engineers control panel, the link to this will have been sent to you in your welcome email.
Stop your game server. Important step!

Failing to stop the server fully prior to enabling Torch can break the server. Ensure the server says 'Start' in the quick actions bar.

Go to Server Settings
Here you will see a Torch switch, turn this to on, and save.
Go back to the main dashboard.
Start the server.
All done! Your server is now running with Torch and the Essentials, Concealment and Profiler plugins.

You can utilise all the chat commands Torch offers to fully utilise Torch.

Please note that Torch is a third party program, as such we do not have control over it and cannot be held responsible for any issues you experience with running this tool.

Quick troubleshooting tips:
If your server is not starting, please try turning Torch off, it is possible that a Space Engineers update has been released, and Torch has not yet been updated to work with the latest version of Space Engineers. Try turning Torch on again in a few days, by that time it is likely that Torch has released an update. If its still not starting after a few days, contact us via support and we will be happy to help!
If the server quick actions displays, Start, stop and kill and server does not respond to any of the buttons. It is likely that the server had not fully shut down after you stopped the server before turning the switch. To fix this, turn Torch off again, go back to the main dashboard, then turn the server off. Wait until the quick actions only displays "Start", then proceed from step 3 again in the above instructions.
Server shows is "Unknown". Please follow the same fix steps as above.

Torch logs generate to a different folder not available within the file manager. If you need to see the server logs disable Torch and run the server. Alternatively contact us and let us know you require the logs and we will retrieve these for you.

Updated on: 03/03/2019

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