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How to set-up and use Remote API

Thank you for choosing us as your Space:Engineers Game Server host!

This guide will help you set-up and use Remote API

First, please check the port for the Remote API in your game configuration. If it is set to 8080 you need to contact support for us to assign your server a port. If it is set higher than 30000 or above.

Setting up SteamCMD

Firstly, we must use SteamCMD to download the Space Engineers Remote API Client, you can download SteamCMD here.

Extract the SteamCMD folder to anywhere you'd prefer, you can make shortcuts later.
Run SteamCMD as administrator by right-clicking it and clicking Run As Administrator

Once opened, a black window should open. It'll start extracting everything SteamCMD needs, just wait until Steam> is shown at the bottom and you can enter text.

Now type the following
login anonymous then
force_install_dir se then
app_update 298740 verify then
Wait until the process is complete

When complete type quit

Setting up DedicatedServer64

In the folder where you ran SteamCMD, there should be a folder titled se in there you will find the folder DedicatedServer64 there you will find the .exe file called SpaceEngineersDedicated
Right-click it and select Run As Administrator
When it opens you'll see on the right-hand side called Local/Console double click it.

Go back to your control panel and take note of your Remote API port in the Game Configuration section and paste it into the Port section.
Click the Generate button below it and then copy and paste that security code into the Security Key box in the game server control panel, make sure Remote API Enabled is ticked here too

Save and start the server. You may also now close the SpaceEngineersDedicated.exe tool that you opened in step 1.

Wait until the server is fully up and running, you will still see the Stop/Start/Kill buttons when you hover over quick actions if it's up.. If you have Torch enabled you will see these straight away when the server is not actually fully online. To check if its fully started when you have Torch enabled, wait 5 mins then check in Steam server browser and attempt to connect to the server.

Using VRage to connect to the server

Once you're fully online, go back to your DedicatedServer64 folder. Search for VRageRemoteClient.
Once VRageRemoteClient opens, you'll be greeted with this box

Enter a name, it can be anything. For the Remote URL use your servers ip address but leave the http:// in the Port Number box, enter the Remote API port number shown in your game server control panel, the one from step 12, paste the Security Key, created in step 13 in the Security Key box.
Click Save then click Connect if done right, you will have connected remotely to the server and will be able to use the Remote API tool to its full effect.

Please note: Remote API does not work when Torch is enabled, this is an issue with Torch, if you ask the Torch devs on the Torch discord they will confirm this. To use remote api, you will need to turn torch off. If after doing this, you are unable to connect remotely, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

Updated on: 23/05/2019

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