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Space Engineers Server Settings Explained

Server Settings: Explained

We'll be explaining the many different Space Engineers Settings.

World Settings

The name of the world, self explanatory

A short description of the world. Appears when you mouse over the world in the "Load World" menu or on the server in the server browser.

Game Mode
Sets the world to either Creative or Survival Mode.

Infinite resources, instant building, instant welding of projected blocks, systems do not require resources (e.g. Uranium or Ice) to function, weapons do not use ammo.

Resources must be mined and refined. Blocks can still be placed instantly, but require components and welding before they are functional. Systems require and use up resources.

Online Mode

Determines whether or not people can connect to you for online multiplayer.

Offline The world is not visible on the Join World menu, and is not join able in any way. Single-player mode is active, meaning you can pause the game.
Private The world is not visible on the Join World menu. It is join able, but only with a steam invite.
Friends The world appears on the Join World menu to your Steam friends, and is join able by them. People who are not friends with you on Steam will not see the game, but they can still join if they are invited into it.
Public The world is visible on the Join World menu to everyone online on Steam, and is join able by them.

Environment Hostility
Affects the frequency and the severity of Meteor Storms.

Safe Meteor storms will not occur.
Normal Meteor storms will occur rarely and in smaller numbers
Cataclysm Meteor storms occur regularly, in decent numbers
Armageddon Meteors never stop. Meteors are on fire. Meteors can do pretty severe damage.

When turned on, the world will automatically save at regular intervals, specified in minutes.

Multiplier Rates

Inventory Size
Realistic Standard size. 400 125 / 15,625 8000 27,000 / 125,000
3x = Inventories are three times larger. 1200 375 / 46,875 24000 81,000 / 375,000
10x = Inventories are ten times larger. 4000 1250 / 156,250 80000 270,000 / 1,250,000

Assembler Efficiency
Realistic = Standard speed and efficiency
3x = Assemblers speed increased to 300%, uses 3 times less resources
10x = Assemblers speed increased to 1000%, uses 10 times less resources

Refinery Speeds
Realistic = Standard speed
3x Refinery processing speed increased to 300%
10x Refinery processing speed increased to 1000%

Welding Speed
Realistic = Standard speed
0.5x = Welding speed decreased to 50%
2x = Welding speed increased to 200%
5x = Welding speed increased to 500%

Grinding Speed
Realistic = Standard speed
0.5x = Grinding speed decreased to 50%
2x = Grinding speed increased to 200%
5x = Grinding speed increased to 500%

Additional Options

Trash auto-removal
If checked, debris and/or junk will be removed automatically. This can increase performance if performed often so that less objects will be accounted for.

Grids will ONLY be considered junk if:
The grid has only a few blocks
Is moving in a linear motion (one direction, no acceleration)
Is not powered
Is not controlled
Does not contain a Med-bay
Is nearly out of render range of all players

Client can save
Enables the ability for clients on the world to save the world, as opposed to just the server. Can mean players can use these as Single Player Worlds!

Enable Copy/Paste
Only available in Creative Mode. This allows you to copy entire ships or stations and paste them wherever you feel like. If you cut an object, a confirmation message will show up. The deleted object will be in your clipboard. Not advised if you're aiming for a survival based server.

Enable oxygen
If checked, ice, pressurization, and Oxygen circulation mechanics will be enabled/disabled in the world.

Enable voxel destruction
If enabled, players can mine/destroy asteroids, rocks, or the surface of a planet. If disabled, these are immune to mining and damage.

Cargo Ships
When turned on, Cargo Ships will randomly spawn. Makes for really interesting PVE Encounters!

In-game scripts
Enables in-game scripts to be run on programmable blocks. Please be careful with scripts as they CAN be the reason for server issues!

Updated on: 10/12/2020

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