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Space Engineers Scheduled Tasks Advanced (TCAdmin)

This article is a detailed guide you through using the Scheduled Tasks for your Space Engineers server here at ServerBlend

Using the Scheduled Tasks located on the panel, you'll have the option to setup your server to take backups, do updates and restarts.

Space Engineers Control Panel

The image below is the the main options available on the panel's Scheduled Tasks. Listed below is the steps for each one.
Task Scheduler Options

Open the control panel and click the Scheduled Tasks icon.

Click the New and chose the task that you'd like to set up.

Click New again and you'll have a task to create based on your selection.

Depending on the task, these are the available options on each game, but for Space Engineers only this one is available:

The server's time is set for UTC. Be sure to set the schedule for your time zone by converting it to UTC for the desired time.

How often a task can be set:

Here is some of the options for the options in how often the tasks occur since each task can be set to occur one time (One Time), Daily, Weekly, and Monthly options.

These examples are using the Steam Update as the task:


Advanced Options:

Some of the Advanced Options allows you to set it to force the task to occur, wait until the server is empty of players or skip the task.
Advanced Options

Scheduled Start/Stop/Restart:

The Scheduled Start/Stop/Restart is for when you need to have the server starting, stopping, or restarting on a schedule you need.

Steam Update/Game Server Update:

The Steam Update to ensure that the server is up to date with the latest version. The Advanced Option allows you to set the server to only update when there is a new version available.
Update only if new version is available

Backup Saves/Config:

The Backup Saves/Config to assist with taking a backup of your server to assist with restoring the progress with the Restore Saves/Config on the control panel.

Backup - Worlds

This section covers the Backup - Worlds in accessing your backups of your Worlds folder.

Once you've created the task and have backups to access, you'll have access to multiple backups in the Backup Restore - Worlds.

Clicking the Backup - Worlds will execute the command to take a backup of the server. Allow this to complete:
Backup Console Message

Clicking the Backup Restore - Worlds will give you a drop menu of the available backups you have to restore to. This will wipe all the previous saves and such to restore to the saves of that point of time on the backup. Selecting the backup you want to restore to then click Execute and allow to complete.

ExecuteConsole Completed
Backup Restore Worlds DropdownBackup Restore Worlds Execute

Whenever the server takes the backups or you manually use the icon, the backups are stored in the main directory under Backups.
Location of Backups

You can use the File Explorer or use FTP to download your backups. If you need a guide on how to use FTP, here is our help article on using FTP:
How to connect to the server using FTP (TCAdmin)

Note: The current icon and label for the Backup Restore Worlds is currently incorrect. This will be updated as soon as possible.
Backup Restore Worlds

Updated on: 23/10/2022

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