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Backup and Reset for ARK: Survival Evolved Server Save Files

Your ARK: Survival Evolved game servers save data is important.
Therefore it is important you take regular backups.

We take offsite backups daily for all ARK: Survival Evolved game servers hosted with us (Hourly also available to upgrade to), however, you should still take your own!

Please note:

You should always stop the server before making a backup, reverting to a previous save, or resetting your save in full.

Whenever you take a backup, you should download it to your PC too for extra protection.

We recommend running a backup before any change, especially when adding or removing new mods, or before an update.

There are multiple backup methods:

ARK has its own, built in.

Please see our article: Reverting to a Previous ARK: Survival Evolved Save for help with this

We have our own: (NEW)

Login to the TCAdmin control panel

You will find an icon on the control panel 'Backup Your Saves/Config'

Click this and execute to take a backup. This is held offsite from your server.

To restore use the 'Backup Your Saves/Config' icon and select the relevant backup.

We have our own: (OLD)

Login to the TCAdmin control panel

You should now see a button called "Mod Manager", you may need to first click into the game server you want to do this on first.

Install the "World and User Backup" system

Once the installation is complete, go back and click the 'Backup World and Player Data' - This will run the process and save a copy of your world and player data to the server.

Handy for quick backups before you make a change

To find your backups, open the file manager, or connect the server via your preferred FTP program. You will then see a "backups" folder in the root (first directory) of your game servers. All the backups from this system are stored in here.

You can schedule these to happen automatically!

Whilst you're on the main dashboard for your game server, look to the top and you'll see a tab called "Schedule Tasks", click this.

Click "New" and then choose from the drop down "Backup Save Data"

Set it up how you wish, then click the "Save" button, all done!

Take a manual backup from the file manager

Login to the TCAdmin control panel.

Select your game server and then click the "File Manager" button

In the File Manager, navigate: ShooterGame > Saved

You should now see a SavedARKS folder. Select it and click the "zip" button

Download this zip to your computer for extra protection.

If you get an error saying that its too large to zip, please look here

To reset your ARK: Survival Evolved save:

Login to the TCAdmin control panel.

Select your game server and stop the server

Open the File Manager or connect to the server via your preferred FTP client.

Navigate: ShooterGame > Saved > SavedArks

Delete every file in this folder.

Start the server.

During startup the server will generate a new save automatically.

Updated on: 17/06/2020

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