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Minecraft - How to set a Spawn Point

Minecraft comes with the option to set up a spawn point (starting location) where the new players will start when they join the server.

Players will also respawn to this location upon death if they have not used a bed or manually set their spawn point. Many servers have through the use of mods or plugins to allow a player to use the /spawn command to allow them to teleport back to the world's main spawn point.

These mods and plugins usually have these two similar commands to use with setting your spawn point and using the commands:

/setworldspawn ----- This command when sent will set the players world spawn point to that current location of the player who issued the command. This is the location for when players first join or when they die without using a bed. The restrictions are it can only be done by a server operator or admin while in-game. Here is a link to a guide on setting up the server operator or admin role: How to set OP User Permissions

The command can also be used with specific coordinates as well. An example of the command when using specific coordinates is: /setworldspawn 37 38 10

/spawnpoint ----- This command may not be available, however, it is for player's to their individual spawn point on the world. The command has multiple options for players. They can set the spawn point like this /spawnpoint Steve or set it to a specific coordinate /spawnpoint Steve 33 41 65

Please make note that when a player uses a bed after setting their spawn point, it will be changed to the bed location. However, when the bed is broken it will revert to the world spawn that was set for the server.

Updated on: 14/12/2021

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