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Minecraft - Changing or Wiping your World/Seed/Save

Log in to your Multicraft control panel. Link to Multicraft Login Panel

First click Files. And then click Config Files.

Click Server Settings.
Multicraft Server Settings

To change the world and seed, scroll through the settings available and find Level Seed and Level Type.

If you have changed the world/seed while having a current save, you will need to change the save name.

The save name for your world is located in the following steps.

Click Show Advance Settings

Change the World to a different name in the field. This is your World's save name.

Multicraft World Field

The following steps is only if you are looking at wiping your world/seed/save from a previous one.

Click Files and then click Config Files. See image above on Step 2.

Click Setup.
Multicraft Setup

Check the box for "Delete All Server Files" and click Apply.
Multicraft Wiping the World

Start the server and click Console to watch for the server to complete the process.

Updated on: 25/01/2021

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