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Installing Fabric For Your Minecraft Server

Thank you for choosing Serverblend as your Minecraft host!

In this guide we'll be going over how to install a different mod API known as Fabric. Fabric's installation is familiar to Forge, but it has a few extra steps in order to run. It allows you to run mods that change how your game looks, runs and feel.

To begin, head to the Fabric website in order to download everything. You'd need to download the Fabric Loader from here - It's recommended to use the Universal JAR installer.

Then alongside the Fabric Loader you just got, you'd also require the Fabric Mod API itself. You can grab it here - You can select the ModAPI version to download here as the Fabric Loader will also allow you to select which version of Minecraft the Fabric installation is for.

Open the Fabric Loader you'd downloaded from step 1. Click on the Server tab and select an install location. Hit install. It'll process through all the files and start downloading everything required.

It'll mention it's missing a server JAR and about launch scripts. For both of these, press Download server jar and Generate, then you should have successfully installed a Fabric Server locally to your PC.

The next step is to head to the folder you'd set to install to and run fabric-server-launch.jar, close out of it once it's done generating everything needed. You will see a mods folder, place the Fabric API Mod inside of here.

Begin uploading your entire Fabric server folder to your Serverblend hosted server via FTP. We have a tutorial regarding FTP here!

Scroll down to Look For Jars In , click on the drop down and set it to Server Base Directory then click save.

Now scroll up and look for the JAR File box. If you are using Fabric 1.17, use the JAVA16 option with your Fabric JAR file renamed to custom.jar if not, select Default and in the box below it, enter the name of the JAR file

Start the server - Let us know of any issues and we'll gladly assist!

Updated on: 10/11/2021

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