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How to generate a new map for your Space Engineers server

Thank you for choosing us as your Space:Engineers Game Server host!

This guide will help you generate a new map.

Login to your control panel with the details sent in your welcome email.

Click the server you want to create a map for , then the Maps Manager button

Stop the server if its online, using the Quick Actions drop down to the right. Wait until server is fully stopped (it will only show Start Server in the drop down)

When in the Maps Manager, click the New button. Which will show:

Here you can set a scenario from the drop down menu, a world name, asteroid amount, density and a seed.

World name is not the name of the server (thats set in the game configuration), this is the name of the folder, it also shows as the map in-game and steam.

Starting Asteroids are only the ones in the starting area! Asteroids generate procedurally so are unlimited. You should only set small amount here, such as 10.

Density is how many asteroids are generated procedurally and how near they are to each other. 0 being sparse (far away from each other), 1 being really close. So for example you could set it to 0.5 for a good middle ground.

Seed, is any 6 digits, you can leave it as default unless you know of a seed you want to use

Once done click Create and wait until the server is fully online. (Quick actions will show, Restart, Stop and Kill options)

Please note! After the map is created, you have to click Save in the Game Configuration to apply your settings / mods etc to the new map. (this will restart the server)

Updated on: 23/05/2019

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