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Space Engineers Change Your Active Map (TCAdmin Only)

This article will guide you through changing your active map. This is the map the server will load, and also what World Settings file is accessed.

In this example we have a world set initially to Name and we are going to change it to StarSystemPC

The image below is the config files area showing the old map name listed in the files. We are changing this.

Open the control panel and click the config files icon.
Click the Config Editor button for the SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg file.
Set your save name in the Load World Named: box. In this case we are setting StarSystemPC

Save this file and close the editor.
Refresh the config files page with F5 or the refresh button in the browser.

Your map name will be updated upon refresh to include the name you set in the config file for the world settings file. If you click the text editor it will reflect the file you have set.

If the map name set does not exist the text editor will show an empty file. Ensure the map name exists and is correctly set. In many cases setting a name without spaces is best.

Updated on: 23/10/2022

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