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Restoring your world from an autosave backup

The steps below are instructions to restore your server from one of your incremental (Auto) saves.

Before deleting any files or following this article, feel free to download any backups you require to your PC so you can revert any changes made or correct any mistakes made while following the article.

The article is for restoring the server from the auto save setting.

Go to your control panel. Your welcome mail will contain the link for your control panel.
Click on the log-in buttons as directed in the below image and then on the next screen type in your login information, which will be in your welcome email.
On the left hand side of the screen select Servers, YOUR server name, and File Explorer

In the top right corner of your screen, choose to STOP your server from
the quick action drop down menu.
After verifying your server has STOPPED. Expand the top level folder '\' then expand 'Saves' then 'Default' and finally 'Backup'.

The 'Default' folder will be whatever you named the map when it was created.

Each highlighted folder is a 'Auto Save'. The bottom folder is the newest save and selecting the folder on the left will show the files on the right. The time stamps on the far right are in UTC time.

After confirming which auto save you would like to restore, download it to your local PC. You can download all files by using the check box in the top left under the 'New' button. The files will be downloaded and put into a zipped folder.

Create a folder on your PC and place the unzipped files within this folder. Zip the new map folder ready for upload.

Upload save to the server Saves folder, and load it in.

If your backup size is larger than 100mb you can ask us to upload this for you. Simply contact our support team.

Ensure you go to the map manager, right click your world and select 'load'

Start your server and give it an additional few minutes to start. Once it starts, you should be running on the auto save file you chose.

Updated on: 24/11/2020

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