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Installing Mods For Conan With Automatic Updates

This article will guide you through installing mods for your Conan Exiles server.

Installing Mod Files.

When installing mods. If you require a set load order, install the mods in the order you require. You can always adjust it later if needed.
Login to your control panel here.
Stop your server and take any backups required.
On the servers control panel you will see Steam Workshop icon. Click this icon.

Once the workshop opens you will displayed with mods from the Steam workshop.

There are a lot of Conan Exile mods and this browser allows you to filter, select a category, search for a mod just like the Steam workshop itself or simply pick the most popular over a period of time. Each mod has a link to the Steam workshop page for that mod.

Some mods require additional configuration, the workshop page itself will detail this.

When you find the mod you wish to install. Click the install button. A box will appear showing the progress. Once complete the box will go away and the mod will show as installed in the browser.

When the box shows 'executing scripts' it is extremely important the process is left to complete even if it looks like it is not doing anything. If there is no error it is working. The larger the mod the longer this will take.

Activating The Mods.

This tool automatically adds the mods you install to your Modlist.txt file. The order listed is the load order.
You can access this file by click the Config Files icon on the dashboard.

You can navigate to the Config files area to open this file and adjust the load order at anytime.

Updating Mods

To update mods installed via this method you will see a button to update the mod that has an update.

In the event you process the mod and you find you still can not join the server, uninstall the mod in question and install it to grab fresh files. Ensure you alter your modlist.txt accordingly if required after doing this.

Setting an Automation scheduled task to automatically update.

You can also set a Workshop Update scheduled task to check for updates automatically and process them.

This provides:

- A 10 minute warning that an update will occur.
- A 5 minute warning that an update will occur.
- A 1 minute warning that an update will occur.

An example workshop update scheduled task is below which will check mods every 30 minutes.

Uninstalling Mods

To removal all traces of the mod files from your server go to the workshop browser and find the mod and click uninstall. A box will appear showing the progress. Once complete it will remove the mod from your modlist.txt

Updated on: 27/04/2021

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