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How to connect to your Conan Exiles server

Login to your control panel
Obtain your Query address, which will be your IP:QUERYPORT
Add this to the Steam server browser list by clicking: View > Servers > Favorites tab > Click Add A Server.
Enter your IP/Query-Port and find your server to your favorites.
Load the game and find your server by selecting the 'favorites' filter where you can pick, online, unofficial servers.

At this time you may find it easier to simply search for your server name in-game. There is issues with the in-game browser for Conan and the Devs are aware of this. It is advised when in-game to set the browser to search for ALL servers.

As of update/PATCH 10.02.2017 there is now an added ability to directly connect to a server by entering its IP and port. This may be done from a new button on the bottom-left of the in-game server browser.

Updated on: 17/01/2019

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