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How to change the server region of your Conan Exiles server. (what country the server list says it is in)

So, you've purchased a Conan Exiles server and found that the server is saying Europe when the server is actually located in the United States (or other country), and you would like to change this.
This is caused because of a ServerRegion setting in your ServerSettings.ini file, to change this please follow the below instructions:

Before proceding, make sure the server is offline.

Login to the control panel
If you're not automatically taken to the your game servers dashboard, click on Game Services on the left hand side and select it here
Then click the Configuration Files button
Click the Text Editor for the ServerSettings.ini file

Then open the Serversetting.ini file u can use ctrl + F and type in ServerRegion this will high light the word to find easyer
Scroll down or search for "ServerRegion", change this setting to 1 for the USA. 0 for Europe, 2 for Asia. If after changing this however, it shows the correct region still, please try different numbers as these may have been changed in an update since this article was wrote.
Click Save and then start the server

Updated on: 14/02/2019

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