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Connecting to your server after update 41

FIX Available for those unable to query their servers in Steam and sites like Battlemetrics.

Simply contact our support team here.

- We will adjust your query/rcon ports to accommodate a brand new port Conan Exiles implemented recently, which was blocking querying.
- This will not impact your connection port so players can still direct connect. It is only an adjustment to query and rcon.

This is not relevant to clients whom ordered after the 6th August 2020

If you're having trouble connecting to your Conan Exiles server, please read this!

Since UPDATE41 Funcom made changes to the server software used by Conan Exiles, which turned off/prevented Steam querying. SteamAPI is disabled on Conan Exiles at this time.
This prevents Steam server querying as all servers and external server listing sites use this to show player stats/server activity and more. Steam direct connect will not be possible.

There are many threads of people with the same issue, such as:

Every host and third party site is impacted by these changes.

We hope this is not a long term change and that they revert it soon.

In the control panel

You will see NaN% displayed for player slots. To confirm the server is online you should use the logs to confirm server status. You can use the log viewer to do this and download/stream the \ConanSandbox.log.

The game name itself won't change in the panel if you change it via config, this requires Steam querying to be operational.

When using the Steam connection IP/Port in Steam you will receive a Not Responding message.

How to join your server?

Load the game fully and go to the browser.
Click the Direct Connect button.
Enter your servers Game Info IP:Port

You must contact us if you are having this issue so we can help you and provide guidance you may require.

You can contact us by going here:

Updated on: 08/08/2020

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