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How To Upload Conan Saves

This article will show you how to upload your local Conan Saves.

If you head into your TCADMIN control panel here: and click on "File Explorer"

This'll open up your File Explorer section, if you navigate to ConanSandbox --> Saved - You'll find that this is where you'll need to upload your Conan Save.

Now, in steam - Right click your Conan Exiles game, properties, local files and then Browse Local Files.

Head to ConanSandbox, Saved, and locate your game files and upload using the upload button in the File Manager:

If uploading from previous host, just follow the same steps to retrieve your game files.

Conan Saves Consist of 3 main files you will want to upload these should you have them.

We are also freely able to upload previous host Conan Saves to your server here free of charge, just put in a ticket or order Easy Transfer with your service!

Updated on: 19/08/2021

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