How to wipe your Rust server
This article will assist you with forced wipes by Rust's official game updates.

The developers release an official update on the 1st Thursday of each month, which is a forced wipe in the majority of cases.

Update your game server using the game server update icon. Guidance available: How to update your TCAdmin game server

Once the update is complete you must now update Oxide/uMod if you use it. It is currently not automatic, and if forgotten will cause Oxide/uMod to not run.

Click mod manager and click uninstall on Oxide/Umod.

Uninstalling Oxide/Umod does NOT remove any plugins/settings/changes you have made. It just allows an install to be done so you can get new Oxide files.

Click install and let this process complete.

You now need to wipe your files. You can use the wipe button shown on the control panel to wipe the save files. This wipes all saves/databases and related files.

[OPTIONAL] Set your new map seed/size/custom map settings in the command line settings page for the new map.

You have now completed your update/wipe and can start your server.
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