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Getting Started With Your Rust Server

Thank you for choosing us as your Rust Game Server Host!

This guide should help you in getting started with your Rust Server

There are two essential topics you should learn as you will be using these a lot for your Rust Servers.


To use RCON, you will need to find and set your RCON password within your server configs. RCON will let you manage your server without the need of being in-game via RCON clients. You can even read in-game chat with these as an admin. It's very useful to allow administrators to look after the server with ease.

Log in to your TCADMIN control panel. Head to your command line manager. In this list you'll see your RCON Password:

To change your RCON password, edit your command line and set accordingly. You'll be using this frequently, especially with an RCON client.


These two are used pretty often together and are used for commands, adding administrators to your servers etc. It's very important to know how to find out a STEAMID or a STEAM64ID.

Head over to a steamID look-up website such as this one.
In the lookup box, you will need a steam profile URL. Head to your steam profile either in the client or browser, go to your profile and copy the URL. If you're unable to copy the URL in client, you can right click anywhere on your page and click copy URL.

Copy and paste this into the box, click submit. You'll be greeted with your STEAMID and STEAM64ID:

There you have it, RCON information and STEAMID/STEAM64ID information. You will need these in later guides.

Updated on: 17/06/2019

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