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Creating and adding permissions to Oxide Groups

Creating and adding permissions to Oxide Groups

In this guide we'll be creating an oxide group and adding permissions to it, Oxide has a really good permission system in place which allows certain commands to be only ran by a certain user or a group.

Creating the group

To create a group, you can use the console in-game by pressing F1 or by using the Console in Web RCON.

In-game or within Web RCON, type add NAMEOFGROUPHERE.
You should get a confirmation, and the group will be created.
You can then set the in-game prefix with set NAMEOFGROUP [PREFIX].

Adding permissions to the group

In-game or within the Web RCON type oxide.grant group NAMEOFGROUPHERE OXIDEPERMISSIONHERE e.g oxide.reload
Then run oxide.reload to refresh the configuration.

To show all of the permission groups, simple use the command groups

The show all of the registered permissions from plugins and Oxide, use the command perms

Adding a User to the group

You then need to add your users to the group, by simply typing oxide.usergroup add USERNAME GROUPNAMEHERE.
You can also remove that user from the group by using oxide.usergroup remove USERNAME GROUPNAMEHERE.

You're able to grant individual users permissions by using oxide.grant user USERNAME OXIDEPERMISSIONHERE and only that user instead of a group can have that permission.

Updated on: 28/03/2020

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