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How to load a Custom Rust Map

Rust supports the use of custom made maps. There are services out on the internet where people make maps for you if you do not know how to do it. This is not a service we provide but our Rust servers do support custom maps. This article explains how to load them.

We recommend the following method for loading Rust maps. It will ensure your friends or those who join have the map as it forces the download.

Ensure Oxide/Umod is installed and fully operational. You can install this from the mod manager.
Some maps require RustEdit. This can be installed from the mod manager. If there is an update contact our support team who will be happy to update it. You can view the version using the link:

Upload the map to a file hosting site such as dropbox. Dropbox is the most commonly used they provide easy URLs.
Copy the download link URL. It should be similar to

The next step is vital to force download otherwise the server will not download the map.
Change the dl=0 to dl=1

The URL should now look like:

In the control panel. Click command line Manager.
Select 'Custom Map + Other Options' command line.
Enter the URL you had from the previous steps into the Level URL box and save the command line
Go back to your server.cfg via the Config Files button and remove the values (so they are blank) for seed, level and size and then click save

Step 10 may be ignored if you do not have the values in your config.

Launch the server

Enjoy your custom Rust map.

Should you wish to use a procedural map or other official map from Rust you will need to switch the command line back to default.

Updated on: 05/11/2020

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