Login to your Server-blend control panel for rust here
You should then be directed to your game server, if you are not, for example if you have multiple game servers:
Click "Game Services" on the left hand side
Click "Manage" next to the server you want to edit.

Now when you're on the main game server dashboard,
Turn your server off
Click configuration files.
Click "Text Editor" button next to the users.cfg file you will see here
Add them as either owner id or moderator id. Owners can create and delete other admins, moderators cannot.

moderatorid STEAM64ID "PLAYERNAME"

You need to change steamid64 to the steam64 id of that admin user, you can do this by using a tool such as: https://steamid.io/
Also change the player name to the name of that player, the name that shows in chat.

For example:

ownerid 1234567896541 "server-blend"
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