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How to add admins to your Rust server

Thank you for choosing us as your Rust Game Server Host!

This guide should help you add admins to your Rust Server

If you followed our getting started guide. You will require a STEAM64ID, visiting this guide will assist you in finding that out. You can get your Steam64ID from this website:

Log in to your TCADMIN panel and head to configuration files:

Now go to user.cfg and use the text editor. This is where you'll assigned your admins or set yourself as an owner.

For ownerID, you will want your own steam64id. For other people, you will want them under moderatorID. This is so that you're the only person who can remove or add admins in-game etc. You can have multiple ownerID's however.

Replace XXXXXXX with your own Steam64ID. An example would be: ownerid 1234567890

Save the file, boot up the server and enjoy your roles. You'll be given access to admin commands.

Adding a Moderator

Instead of using ownerid put moderatorid as shown in the image above.

Eg: moderatorid 123456789

Updated on: 29/01/2021

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