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How to Install Mods On Your Space Engineers Server (TCAdmin)

This article will explain on how to add mods to your Space Engineers server using our TCAdmin interface, specifically Steam workshop related mods.

If you are using our Space Engineers Server Manager (SESM Panel) which is provided by default, this article will not be relevant. Please click here to access the guidance for SESM.

There will be two parts to this article.

Option A. Manually installing mods by adding code yourself.
Option B. Using the workshop browser. (STEAM MODS ONLY)

In both examples we want to ensure you are editing your specific map first. You can skip this step if you are editing your files completely be it offline or via the file explorer.

Ensure your correct map is set to load.

Please follow the steps in this article to ensure your active map is set and loaded: Space Engineers Change Your Active Map

Option A. - Manually.

Open the text editor for your world settings file. Sandbox_config.sbc
Scroll down and find the Mods section. Labelled <Mods />

Now the code needs to be added to add a mod.

Shown in place in this image:

Once in place, save the file and close it.

You have added the mod and the server if all set correctly will download mods when it is next started.

If you want to add more than one mod you would add more code as shown below.


This process works for MOD.IO mods as well, but you must set the Network mode to EOS and Console Compatibility to enabled for them to automatically download on start-up.

Option B. Workshop Browser.

This method only works for Steam mods. mods require manually configuring.

Once your active map is set from the article above. You can go to the main panel page and you will find a workshop browser icon.

This tool connects to the Steam Workshop and allows you to browser the workshop, and install mods. Once you have installed the mods you require click start.

This tool automatically adds the code as done manually in Option A and is the recommended method of installing Steam mods.

Sometimes the tool may not completely add the moditem lines to the config, so be sure to check after installs to see if they are there, if not head to MORE -> Repair and then reinstall the mods.

Updated on: 24/06/2023

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