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How to enable Xbox cross-play for your Space Engineers server (TCAdmin Only)

This article will guide you on enabling cross-play for your TCAdmin Space Engineers server.

Ensure you are logged into the control panel. You can access it here.
Stop your Space Engineers server.
Click the Config Files icon.

Open the SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg Config Editor.

If you have been configuring your server with the text editor. You must make this change via the text editor or the config editor will overwrite changes it does not know are set. See the end for more information.

Ensure the correct world is loaded and set the Console Compatibility and Network mode to EOS and enabled

Save and exit the file.

Your server is now set to EOS/Xbox mode.

Setting it manually via text editor.

Open the text editor and scroll to the bottom.
Change the NetworkType to say eos
Change the ConsoleCompatibility to say true
Save the editor.


Important information relating to Xbox mode.

Not all worlds work for Xbox. Xbox has a smaller world limit and if your world is invalid it will not start the server. Space Engineers comes with some default Xbox worlds which we provide in the saves folder by default for you to setup and use. They are labelled with Xbox or PC to show any differences. You will know your world is not suitable if the console outputs the error.

Thread: 1 -> Exception while loading world: World contains too many planet types and could not be loaded.

Xbox does not support steam workshop mods. You will need to remove them.

Once your server is set to Xbox mode. It will no longer show in Steam favourites or steam lists. You can confirm your server has come online fully by finding the console output shown below.

Thread: 1 -> Game ready... Press Ctrl+C to exit

Xbox has a much smaller capability compared with the PC version due to the constraints of consoles (smaller RAM amounts etc). Only add mods you really want and remove ones not used to ensure to minimise issues. There are reports of crashes for Xbox so its worth keeping the world clean and mods to a minimum.

Xbox/EOS mode has its own server list in-game.

Updated on: 23/10/2022

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