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How to assign admins to your Xbox Space Engineers server

To assign admin to Xbox users there are no known ways to grab your account ID that can be assigned manually via configuration files like Steam users can do, so to promote admins you need to connect via Remote API using a vrage client. This tool is recommended and advised by Keen.

This process works for both Steam and Xbox users, but is aimed at Xbox users due to the lack of Steam profile ID's for assigning admin via core config files.

The vrage client comes as standard with Space Engineer server files. Due to this you need to download these files on your PC to get the tool. There are multiple ways to do this.

Download SteamCMD and manually login and download the files using SteamCMD.
Click and download the SteamCMD script here this is a .bat script. Place it in a empty folder and run it to download SteamCMD and a the latest Space Engineers dedicated server files. SE files install to the spaceengineersdedi folder.
Download TorchAPI from there website here. Extract the files to an empty folder and run it. It will install a copy of the server files as option two does. The files install to the root directory.

To setup and use this tool there are a few steps to complete. Unfortunately this is how Keen coded these features.

In all cases once you have the files you need to find the vrage remote. You will find it in the \DedicatedServer64 folder. It is called VRageRemoteClient.exe. Run this program.

You will be presented with the following tool. To use it we need some information.

Security key

Step1. Open the remote API port.

If you have not already, stop your game server and click the Open Remote API Port icon. Your remoteapi port is displayed as the RCON Info IP/Port in the control panel. Copy this to the remote API tool.

Step2. Create your Remote API security key.

In the same \DedicatedServer64 folder. There is the main SE dedicated server tool SpaceEngineersDedicated.exe run this program as admin and create and instance, select it and click Proceed to server configuration button. You will be displayed with this menu:

There is one part we are interested in which is the security key box. Click Generate and copy the key to your control panels config file SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg using the text editor. By default the option has the key CHANGEME, replace it with the new key you obtained from the tool.

Generally its best to click Bacl to instances and delete the instance you made, otherwise you may find rogue SE servers running on your PC.

Step3. Connect to the Remote API using the vrage tool.

You now have the IP/Port and the Key to connect. Enter these into the tool. Example provided below.
For the IP please ensure it contains the http://

Click connect and you will be presented with your servers simulation speed graph and you can administer your server with this tool.

Step4. Assign your admin.

Click the Admin Tools tab.
Select the player you want to assign as admin.
Click promote.

You have now assigned admin to your Xbox server. This tool can be used for other general maintenance and admin usage so is worth setting up.

Known VRAGE Issues - "Warning: Remote API - Invalid date from IP"

When connecting it may fail. If you check the main server log file, it may output the error above. "Warning: Remote API - Invalid date from IP"
This is due to the time zone of the server and the person connecting being out of sync. Their is a known issue here.

Their is a solution to get around this.

- Change your local computers time zone to UTC. Re-try.
- If it fails still with the same error. Keep the time zone to UTC, but minus one minute from the time. If it is 12:00, change it to 11.59

It should then connect normally.

Updated on: 23/10/2022

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