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Valheim - How To Add Mods

Valheim mods will need to be installed through FTP.
For mods to work, you will need to download and manually install BepInExPack-Valheim from the Thunderstone Store

To install any mods, Valheim requires this mod manager to make them work. Another really good way to manage mods would be to use this mod manager here, which can make manually updating all your mods to then upload to the server a bit easier.
To install this mod manager, you can follow these steps.
Extract the archive into a folder on your desktop. Do not extract into the server’s game folder.
Move the contents of BepInExPack_Valheim folder into The Valheim file explorer.

File Explorer

Once completed it should look just like this with folders and new files.

Valheim new directory

Once this is installed mods can be installed either through Nexus mods or Thunderstone and added to the server in the new plugins folder created under the BepInEx folder. There will also be a plugin configuration folder location under the BepInEx folder. This is where all mods that require manual configurations are stored and can be edited.

Valheim directory

An alternative way of installing mods would be to use the mod manager located on your control panel.

Keep in mind when using this method Valheim Plus does change the game significantly from the Vanilla version and is required on your local game client to connect.

Updated on: 24/06/2023

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