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Valheim - How to Connect to your Server

As with Rust, Ark, and ANY Steam game, the list is controlled by Steam and their developers. Please be mindful that the game is still early access and very early days and all have the ability to show there.

One way to connect to the server via the in-game list search.

Allow the server list to populate before searching. Ensure to match your server's name to what you search for. If the server is valHeim, then your search will need to be valHeim. It'll take a few moments, though very unlikely to show due to the amount of servers and the limit due to Steam Querying.

Second way to connect to your server:
Go to your control panel and find the "Steam Connection Info" - This is the IP:PORT you need for this to work.

Open up Steam, go to View, Servers and then Favourites, click "Add A Server" and paste the information you copied. Hit "Refresh" in the window. Right click server and hit connect.

The password you place in the Steam window to connect won't matter, as the game will ask for your password again when joining it.

If you have Valheim already open, it should already ask for the password, if not the game will open for you.

Enter the password you set - The password to connect IS case sensitive. If you set the password to "tEsT" it'll be "tEsT"

As of 17th Febuary 2021

You can use the new Join IP feature in the game. Click the button, enter your direct connect IP:Port and connect.

Updated on: 17/02/2021

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